Florian Emanuel Schwarz
don't think outside the box, there is no box!
 photographer - filmmaker - artist

Hi, my name is Florian but everybody calls me Flo!
Born in Munich in 1989, I found my passion for photography at a black and white film-photography class in school.
After studying audiovisual mediadesign, I have completed an internship under a commercial still-life photographer, started to work freelance for the bavarian television and assisting various photographers.
Around 2011 I began to work as a freelance photographer and filmmaker. Starting my career working mostly in fashion, I always loved to work within a wide range of genres, from advertising still-life over food and beverages to people and always also a little bit of filmmaking.
 Over the years I have worked with brands and magazines such as GQ Germany - Cosmopolitan - MAERZ Muenchen - Daniel Hechter Paris - Stylebop - Münchner Philharmoniker - Mercedes AMG  - Pro7 / 7Screen - MAN - Carl Gross / Club of Gents - Schwarzkopf - Campari / Russian Standard - and more...
Beyond my commercial work, I love to shoot landscapes, architecture and urban / street.
I love to take beautiful photographs of beautiful things without the need of any boundaries.